Dust management

We are an accredited reseller of
RoadTech dust control products.


Our solution provides a sustainable and cost-effective triple-bottom-line approach to dust control.
We deliver road conditions on gravel roads similar to that shown in the video presentation below.

Our Solution

The Product

Scientific Approach

An initial treatment protocol is prescribed

Our Solution

We firstly define the problem

A road is defined as an area where vehicles traverse. Four haul road risk profiles can be identified:

Open road sections (speeds 30-60 km/h)

Open road through human settlement (dust control)

Haul road intersections (road wear and safety)

Working sites (dust control)

We then determine the strategy for dealing with the problem

Based on the risk profile of the area to be treated we determine the dust management regime

We then Implement the solution

Our solution distinguishes itself in that it combines: 

  1. a world class dust control product
  2. a PLC-controlled dosing unit to ensure correct amounts are dosed, eliminating sub-optimal concentrations of additive and the wastage associated therewith
  3. a strong scientific approach, which ensures a significant ROI on the solution for our customers

Our Product

RoadTech is an innovative formulation

RoadTech is an innovative formulation of blended co-polymers which is added to water and applied to a dust surface in order to stabilise and bind the dust particles in a thick durable layer.

Roadtech is lignosulfonate based

Roadtech is a lignosulfonate based liquid soil additive for controlling and managing a variety of soil conditions.

RoadTech utilises ionic surfactants

RoadTech utilises ionic surfactants to reduce the natural tension of water, enabling the product to penetrate deeper into the road surface without the assistance of a grader. The penetration capabilities allows for RoadTech to stabilise the road.


Cost-effective solution with low maintenance dosages

Not phototoxic or harmful to humans, fauna or flora

Environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable

Permits compliance with fugitive dust regulations

Improves the surface grip of vehicles

Scientific Approach

Soil Samples are laboratory tested

A PLC controlled dosing system

A PLC controlled dosing system is installed at the water supply point to enable easy, accurate dosing of the dust suppression concentrate. This feature accomodates the different water bowser sizes.

Product Tanks & Gooseneck

Panel of Dosing Unit

Dosing Pump

Tanker Refilling at Station

An initial treatment protocol is prescribed

An initial treatment protocol is prescribed to stabilise the surface material and establish a 30-mm surface crust.

Dust control is maintained by an ongoing determined amount of applications based on ambient climatic conditions, conditions of the road, type of in-situ material and traffic volume. Higher dosages and/or frequencies are required after extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains or very dry conditions.

The road should be swept with a mechanical broom after RoadTech applications for optimal results. In our experience, dust levels are effectively reduced to acceptable levels within two weeks after initial preparation and stabilisation

Areas with extensive road networks and work areas

Optimised logistical models are designed to manage the application deployment and the supply of product